Hurricane Moon – Alexis Glynn Latner: Book Review

I love science fiction involving space travel and Planetfall and discovery. You could say I'm a fool for him, he falls for a good propaganda or synopsis of the flap or the back of a book in a heartbeat. Such was the case with Hurricane Moon. Intrigued with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinterstellar travel and exploring a new planet, read the novel by Alexis Glynn Latner and was shocked twice, one of which was a nice way. The other, well … The pleasant surpise was the credibility of the plot and all devices, ideas, and foreign entities that the author throws at you. The protagonist, Catharin Gault, a ship's psychiatrist in charge of maintaining the mental health of the ship's crew and passengers to make Planetfall, boat, going to colonize a new world similar to Earth on arrival ( and necessary terraforming). Everyone makes the trip in ecstasy (one artificially induced sleep), but only a few are revived at any time after reaching their destination. His first assignment turns out to be a literal dead end, so the decision to return to the immobilization likely again to have another planet like Earth, a journey that will take passengers to the edge of their biological capacity to maintain stasis sleep. When they arrive, not only Catharin and crew faces two worlds spinning around each other, they also face the fact that the long journey has seriously damaged its cellular structure and can damage your reproduce.Now, enter the second, not so good surprise. After waking up from an antagonist of the quasi-(and genius stray bullet bioengineer Joseph Devreze) in the new world, and after turning sexual latent tensions announced earlier in the book, the reader, after a few levels and emotional lows experienced by the characters, you must conclude that they are reading a romance novel. Well written, I agree. But even so, a romance novel – space.And together when the huge moon, the moon of hurricanes (which is actually the second planet) is about the new settlers find they are affected both by its proximity to the local flora and fauna. While exploring the world to call their new home (because cell degeneration in ecstasy while they were prevented from traveling to the next star and never would the nearest star in real time), and Gault Devreze are forced to work against the new elements, emotions, and the clock when the degeneration is accelerated and becomes deadly.Still, Hurricane Moon is a pretty good read if you can swallow the vagaries of love and love denied. Being the curious type, I stayed with the novel until the end to see how the author solves the problem of cell degradation. Otherwise, you would have to fall, have little time for romance soap opera with a strange environment. The author, Latner, has a good imagination and alien landscapes and technological problems are very realistic. And it does a good job of tying the loose ends, but leaving a sufficient margin so that the appearance inevitablism in science fiction literature – the moon sequel.Hurricane a very good novel, in general, but still a romance. ..

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