Marketing Plans: The Framework for Organizational Marketing

Marketing Plans are the reference materials to look at when a company is searching for the various measures to be able to get on the right track and place their commodities and goods. A word of caution though, not all marketing plans may contain the favorable aspects that people are looking for in line with the direction to which the company may foresee itself moving to. Convincing powers and showing concrete results through examples or proper illustrations, guidelines and flowcharts to the decision making body of an organization will surely be effective and proper enough for management to go to the direction to which the proposed marketing plan is aimed at.

Marketing plans are of various formats, and whichever the case, people will study it analytically and properly to be able to the gist of the entire report and what is aiming for. It may contain different things of concerns, such as:

1. Niche Marketing

2. Pricing Strategies

3. Market Segmentation

4. Market Concentration

5. Market Attraction towards its consumers or target market

The possibilities are endless, and while not all are covered in the enumerated probabilities above, a marketing plan contains the most essential key factors that are aimed to help the organization gain headway and be aggressive towards its target market customers. More than just a bunch of words combined together with graphs, financial projections and analysis and hypothetical and so forth, the essence and what the author/s of the marketing plan is directed to, will be the only thing that is up for consideration and probably arbitration, all for the good of the company as a whole.

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